From the beginning

Right back to being 5 years old my mother and her motherly instinct knew something was wrong. My school teachers were complaining weekly about how much I left the class for the toilet but I was constantly told there was nothing wrong. My pants constantly felt wet and I would change them nearly 5 times before I left the house for school.

Fast forwarding a few years, to the age of 11 and weighing a grand total of 3 stone, it became visible that something was not quite right.

It was June 2008 and I was preparing for my year 6 school trip to France. My mother had paid a large amount of money for the trip, therefore I felt I had to enjoy it! However, the couch journey was hell, I had to ask the driver to stop at every possible place so I could wee and the return journey was even worse. During my time in France, I got bitten from head to toe ~ which I blame my high blood sugars for and I was constantly tired. After a week, as you can imagine I was very glad to go home.

After returning home my health began to deteriorate and caused me to miss a large amount of school time. We laugh about it now but at the time me and my mother were confused as to why a chocolate eclair couldn’t cure this illness. I spent a few weeks lying on the sofa feeling very sick, tired and thirsty but occasionally my mom would get me to eat a chocolate eclair, (I had never eaten much), to try boost my energy and stop me loosing even more weight. At the time we were very confused but as you can imagine this only caused my sugars to rocket sky high again and I was back on the sofa for a few hours/days.

Eventually I saw a doctor who spotted a problem. He asked me whether I was in pain when I went to the toilet, which I answered “yes”. I was then asked to do a wee sample. I think it was about 2 days later that we received a call asking us to return to the doctors for an appointment as soon as we could. With that news I filled my litre bottle of water up for the 3rd time that day and we went to the doctors.

When we arrived I was seen by another doctor and asked if they could take a finger prick of blood. Little did I know that was going to be the first finger prick of thousands. The doctor then explained I had an extremely high blood sugar of above 40 and it meant I had TYPE 1 DIABETES. My mom was asked to take me to the children’s ward in Wolverhampton immediately. Hearing this news made both me and my mother cry but neither of us had any idea about what was going to come…

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