Are you allowed chocolate?

If only I had a jar for when people ask if I’m allowed to eat chocolate. I would be rich!

I just thought I would share with you my disastrous blood sugars on Christmas Day. My sugars do not agree with any food unless I have put my insulin in 20 minutes before eating. As you can see, this did not happen on Christmas day and as a result I battled all day with my sugars and then ended on a hypo.

However, surprisingly I managed to stay in the Christmas spirit and didn’t let it ruin my dinner which we paid a fortune for.

I have a lot of trouble with after food spikes and then dips so if anyone has any tips, I would be extremely grateful! My doctor has changed my insulin, (which I will be starting soon), to a faster acting insulin which will hopefully help.

2020 is going to be the year of getting myself in target (most of the time). I am very aware that even the smallest of changes can stop this so I try not to get down when I have bad days but my New Years resolution is to stop putting diabetes at the bottom of my list!

Published by SweetEnough

I am 22 years old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years. I am passionate about living life to the full and want to invite others along the adventure.

3 thoughts on “Are you allowed chocolate?

  1. Yes, my Christmas day was similar to yours, only not quite so extreme. I managed to keep my high down to the 17’s. And the muggles simply cannot understand, bless ’em.


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