Diabetes and alcohol

Please be aware this is just my personal experience and advice for dealing with diabetes and drinking alcohol, it will not be the same for everyone.


– Eat carbs before drinking and before going to bed

Eating a high carb meal before going out, such as pasta, is effective to stop the late night/early morning low blood sugars.

– Make sure your friends know you’re diabetic and what could happen

Alcohol can cause unexpected changes in blood sugars. Often, even with diet mixers, blood sugars rise very high which can result in the feeling to put a correction in. However, after a few hours or the next morning blood sugars often drop very low and this is when things can become dangerous. It is important to try have a snack after drinking and have hypo treatments prepared for the following day. This is also key for friends and family to be aware of, so they know to checkup on you after you’ve been for a night out.

– Have hypo treatments prepared

– Have a medical ID ( a hypo can often be disguised as being drunk)


– Trust they will give you Diet mixers when you ask for them

– Drink alcopops

I wouldn’t recommend drinking wines, alcopops or cocktails often (basically anything sugary), personally I don’t like them but I also hate how rubbish they make you feel! I can’t imagine being able to enjoy time with friends with a really high blood sugar. Drinking sugar free spirits and diet mixers is a safe option.

Published by SweetEnough

I am 22 years old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years. I am passionate about living life to the full and want to invite others along the adventure.

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