Disguising your pump

For the past 10 years I have pretty much had a wire attached to me 24/7. On a day to day basis I find this quite normal and easy to wear, however as a young girl I have had some occasions where I didn’t want my pump to be on show.

I remember for my year 11 prom I decided to take my pump out for a day and go back onto injections just so I didn’t have it on show in my dress. Looking back now I can understand why my mom and nurse were annoyed with my decision because it caused a lot of unnecessary work for no reason.

On an everyday basis I wear my pump attached to my trousers or the middle of my bra. With tighter tops I find I can hide my pump into my bra cup and this usually disguises it. People often say to me they don’t realise I have a pump because I never have it on show. This is my personal choice, it doesn’t bother me but that’s how I choose to wear it. My Freestyle Libre is always on show and I am happy to tell people about it if they ask.

At situations like prom, I have found that if you want to wear a tight dress which you can’t wear a bra with, your pump can get in the way. I searched the web for a long time to try find some advice from other people who wear pumps to see how they wore it everyday, unfortunately I struggled to find any information. Eventually I came across a company called ‘Hid-in’ which had created a belt like strap which can hold your pump in different ways.


In these pictures I am wearing my insulin pump with my hid-in and personally I think nobody would even notice…

(I have to admit it is not easy to put insulin in but that can easily be resolved by going to the toilets.)

I often wear my Hid-in similar to a garter which brides wear on their wedding day. It hides my pump perfectly and I have no worries that it is going to move or become loose. I really wish I had found this company a few years ago and it would have prevented me hating my pump whenever I wanted to wear tighter clothing. I also wear my hid-in sometimes around my stomach if I am wearing baggier clothes because it can be comfier than wearing it on my bra. Personally I couldn’t recommend a product anymore because it is perfect for all ages and genders to wear your pump comfortably.

Published by SweetEnough

I am 22 years old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years. I am passionate about living life to the full and want to invite others along the adventure.

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